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How is money delivered?

There are two ways we have transferred money to Haiti. Western Union has a convenient office in Aquin where the Haitian Administrator lives and all the families reside. A transfer cost is paid in the US with a small tax collected by the government in Haiti. The second way is through a local NGO Fonkoze that is a micro-lending organization throughout Haiti. For large sums their exchange rate and fees are much less expensive.

How do we know whether the money is spent on tuitions?

We have an Administrator in Haiti that receives the money and delivers it to the schools. They then get a receipt from the school. This year we have bought a computer and scanner to make it more efficient and timely to get that information sent here.

How much of my donation actually gets to the program?

Last year the founder with help from a grant from the Columbia River Peace Corps Association covered all administration costs and 100% of donations went to tuition and a few books. Future planning the expectation is that administration costs will be 10-15%. Most of that expense will be paying expenses in Haiti and providing a job for a Haitian working in Haiti.

Where does the money go?

The bulk of the money goes to tuition. The EFH board is currently considering how we might support students who have extraordinary book, living and transportation expenses.

How do you determine who gets tuition?

Initially tuitions have been delivered to families identified by Peace Corps Volunteer Richard Ireland. These families are very low income. There were 6 families last year. Every child of those families are eligible for tuition payments. One new family will be added this year again by the recommendation of Richard Ireland. The Board is discussing how to expand the program to other families. The intention will be to put the decision process in the hands of local Haitians to determine which families are eligible. Once a family is in the program the children of that family are eligible until they have finished their education.