July 1st, 2019 by Brian Baer




PUR-GARD FDA-Compliant Seals

Garlock's PUR-GARD FDA compliant seals, available from Web Seal, are the newest bearing isolator seal in Garlock's FDA-compliant Klozure® series.

The unique Cam-Lock O-ring groove design includes a 316 stainless steel stator and rotor and FKM O-rings, with a unitizing ring that eliminates metal-to-metal contact between the stator and the rotor.

This non-contact assemblage reduces both energy use and shaft drag.

PUR-GARD™ FDA-compliant seals use a patented labyrinth design that meets IP66 (ingress protection) standards and provide superior sealing solutions for rotating equipment in food and beverage processing applications.

Designed with materials that are FDA-compliant, metal detectable and x-ray inspectable, PUR-GARD bearing isolator seals are a new type of seal that improve overall process purity and safety, even in the most challenging environments.

These bearing isolator seals are typically used in pumps, motors, gearboxes and other rotating equipment exposed to heavy wash down and /or zone 1 and 2 applications. They can withstand temperature ranges of -22°F to 400°F (-30°C to 204°C), surface speeds to 12,000 FPM max (60.9 m/s), axial motion to +/-0.015" (0.38mm), and ambient pressure.

Downtime and maintenance concerns are often caused by the effects of daily wash down processes wearing away bearings and equipment. High-pressure sprays and dust particulates are also problematic. The improved sealing technology of PUR-GARD™ isolator bearing extends the life of processing equipment, saving substantial time and costs while providing the highest safety and product integrity.

Installation is easier also, with an assembled construction that will not come apart during installation, can be simply installed hand without the need for an arbor press tool.

Web Seal can provide PUR-GARD bearing isolator seals in various configurations, including flanged, split option, vertical, step shaft, split pillow block, small cross-section (all IP66), flangeless and flangeless narrow width (both IP55).

More information about Garlock's PUR-GARD™ FDA-Compliant Seals is available from Web Seal or on the Garlock website. You can also download a PUR-GARD™ bearing isolator PDF brochure.

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