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Gedeon Delva

“Mwen se Gedeon Delva map remesye tout ekip education for haiti pou ed li banmwen ane sa avek lekol mwen. mwen ap vini yon gwo avoko nan ane kap vini layo se gras ak education for haiti. mwen pwomet nou tout sam aprann nan lekol map metel o sevis lot moun kipa kapab. mesi anpil education for haiti pou ed ou, ke bondye beni tout ekip la

My name is Gedeon Delva. I thank the Education for Haiti team for the financial aid I received to cover my school tuition. I am a year away to becoming a lawyer and it would not have been possible if it was not for Education for Haiti’s help and support. I promise I will make my knowledge available to the disadvantaged. I thank you again Education for Haiti and may God bless you all!

Gedeon has now with some friends started a High School and a Middle School in Aquin.  All the schools start in the morning.  His starts in the afternoon and has found a large population of students who often work in the morning who attend. Visiting Jamuary 2016 it was a thriving school and he was proud to show me the additions they were making.  EFH has bee supporting several of his students.