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Naline Joseph was 11 in 2001 when I left Haiti. She had been one of the three girls who adopted me and helped me with daily life in Haiti. When visiting in 2011 I helped her (with generous assistance from a donor) to start Nursing school. Her father chose one in Port au Prince but after a month we had determined it was not a good place for her to be so we pulled her out and started over in fall of 2012. She is now living in Petionville and commuting to Universite Notre-Dame D’Haiti, one of the best Nursing programs in Haiti. She has passed her exams and is thriving in school. Her schedule is brutal as she gets up around 4 to study and it takes 1 ½ hours to get to school. Usually doesn’t get home until 7:30. But like her sister she has stuck to it and is dedicated. In 2012-13 her tuition was $1585  Currently she is working in a Hospital for practical experience. She will be graduating this fall 2016 and wants to specialize in geriatric and pediatric Nursing.