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Truth is a very difficult goal.  Each of these sources has its own take or bias. EFH does not endorse any particular article or statement but provides these resources for the benefit of those who want to learn more about the challenges and solutions in Haiti.

 Links:  HELP is an NGO that provides support for students in Haiti to attend University.  A reading list on the Help site.  HHF is a vibrant organization working with health delivery in Haiti and other countries. This is the work inspired and lead by Paul Farmer A web site developed by Peace Corps volunteers to share information articles etc. regarding Haiti.  Great source of information  A good source of ongoing articles about Haiti.  The site has a definite agenda so read their description of who they are. An interesting overview of various commercial projects happening in Haiti that looks at the positive side of change in Haiti


Travesty in Haiti, Dr. Tim Schwartz  A searing look at the food for aid prgrams Orphanages and and the negative impacts.  For a interview go to


Haiti after the earthquake, Paul Farmer

Krik Krak, Edwidge Dantikat

Farewell Fred Voodoo, Amy Wilentz A reporter who has been working

in Haiti for many years with a look at Haiti with History and interestin

information about NGOs and other help in Haiti. A very good description

of the realities of Haitian life.

An interesting article about censorship of Bands by the President. 
Article about foreigners and their abuse of power in Haiti- The Western sex push and ethnic cleansing. 
Article about: The UN addressing Human Rights in Haiti. 
A very damning view of the “occupation of Haiti” by the US. 
Link to a talk given by Rich Ireland about lessons learned in Haiti. 
Report on Industrial complex built in Cape Haitian. Lots of issues and shortfall of expectations. 
Art and the Arab connection: article on Art galleries and history of Art in Haiti