The School System in Haiti

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School System in Haiti

There is a Preschool option that about 22% attend.

Primary or Fundamental is grades 1-6 with a National test at 6th It is mandatory that every child from age 6 to 11 go to school. The reality is only 50% go as far as 6th grade.

Secondary school is 7 more years which starts at grade Sixeme, which would be our equivalent of 7th grade then Cinqieme, (8th), Katrieme (9th). To go on to the next level another National exam must be passed and they then go to Twaziem, Seconde, then Retro when they must pass a National exam and the final year is called Filo which they again take a National test. All the testing happens in July.

From there students can go into Professional school, University or Vocational Schools.

There is a very detailed examination of the History and current conditions of Haitiā€s Educational system at