Fewer than 50% of children in Haiti graduate from the 6th grade. Fewer than 20% go to high school
and only about 9% graduate from high school. Motivation for education is high
but lack of opportunity keeps it out of reach for most Haitian families.
Economic development is essential for Haiti to address its needs. Through funding education for students, Education for Haiti (EFH) not only supports their potential,
but in a very real way contributes to the local economy.


Featured Profiles

Gedeon Delva

“Mwen se Gedeon Delva map remesye tout ekip education for haiti pou ed li banmwen ane sa avek lekol mwen. mwen ap vini yon gwo avoko nan ane kap vini layo se gras ak education for haiti. mwen pwomet nou tout sam aprann nan lekol map metel o sevis lot moun kipa kapab. mesi anpil education for haiti pou ed ou, ke bondye beni

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Naline Joseph

Naline Joseph was 11 in 2001 when I left Haiti. She had been one of the three girls who adopted me and helped me with daily life in Haiti. When visiting in 2011 I helped her (with generous assistance from a donor) to start Nursing school. Her father chose one in Port au Prince but after a month we had determined it was not

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Souvline Joseph

Souvline Joseph has graduated from her Nursing program and is currently starting her own business in Aquin opening a pharmacy and being available as a nurse to give health advice.  A true entrepreneur!

Machlon Delva

Machlon Delva has graduated from the Engineering Faculte des Sciences Appliques. He was one of the students that worked on the Briket work study program in Aquin. (My Peace Corps project) In 2012-13 his tuition $711.  We are very proud of his accomplishment and thankful for the example he has set for the other students in Aquin.  Truly and inspiration.